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COVID 19 INFORMATION for renal patients

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We would like to update you on the work that the NKF have been doing recently alongside the joint Professional Renal Societies and other National Kidney Charities – regarding COVID and vaccinations.


We have been involved in several work streams – KQUIP HD Patient Safety group / Regular National COVID virtual meetings with key stakeholders – on all matters relating to COVID.




At present in the UK – there are 2 vaccines that have been approved by the MRHA and are available – the  Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. Three key points that we would like to state are;-


Both these vaccines are suitable for all kidney patients – neither of the vaccines are live, as has been incorrectly reported in some areas of the press and social media. If you are in any doubt - always seek the advice of your kidney / renal team (or GP).


The vaccines have been recommended by national experts who are professionally medically trained. These include experts from within our own kidney / renal community.


Both of these vaccines are safe. They have undergone several stringent tests which have been taken on many thousands of people. The risks to kidney patients of getting COVID far outweigh the risks of any possible side effects of either vaccine.


Sadly there appears to be many patients in the UK at present who have been misinformed on the vaccines for COVID – we need all patients to be correctly informed and willing to take one of the vaccines as soon as it is offered to them – for everyone’s benefit in the UK and beyond.


For more detailed information on COVID and vaccinations – please see our website –


There are several hyperlinks within this page – that show detailed documents and statements for your perusal.

COVID 19 Latest Vaccination Information (click here)